Monday, 23 January 2012


There isn't much more I needed to add to dear Ashley's post from yesterday, however, there were a couple of photographs knocking around of which I thought would jazz the place up. He is absolutely right in saying how much of a mammoth task we have ahead of us, but the enthusiasm we share has been very inspiring and hopefully spur us on to animation splendour!

Ember Lounge; 22/01/12; 13:20:15
The next step for us is to begin sketching and storyboarding so we can get some more visual depth within the animation, even if it's just for the small section we have already planned out. Essentially any drawings will helps us develop the rest of the story in general. I am also going to download a 30 day trial of the stop motion animation software we are going to use. This is to try out my new camera and also to test the Dragonframe programme (which seems to be the top software to invest in).

Please take a gander from time to time as we continue to update the progress.

The journey has truly begun! 


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