Thursday, 1 March 2012


So since getting back from Benidorm, to watch Stoke City take on Valencia, I've cracked on with Gaz, our main character. Me & Tom called the character Gaz because the lead singer of Los Campesinos! is called Gareth and we wanted Gaz to resemble Gareth in some way.

I looked at a few pictures of Gareth and did some quick sketches of his facial features to get a rough idea of how Gaz would look. I didn't want to make him the spitting image of Gareth because, well, that would be odd, so I just took certain aspects, like his ginger-ish hair and square-ish head. Sorry Gareth if you ever read this.

This is what I ended up with when I drew Gaz up on Photoshop.

I know what your thinking...why does he seem to be a stump with no hands or lower body?! Well, Gaz suffered from a really horrible accident which left him like this, Photoshop froze. I didn't think you needed to see his jeans and shoes so I popped him on at this stage. But rest assured he will eventually get a lower half!

His eyes won't always look like this either. At the moment he looks like he's staring directly into the sun. I want his eyes to always be a little bit squinty but not nearly closed like this. I think to pull off the rock & roll student type that we want Gaz to be, he needs to look a little tired...right? 

I'll keep working on his bottom half & maybe other characters so keep posted.