Sunday, 19 February 2012


Good evening fellow bloggers. I am sorry, on behalf of myself and Ashley Lightfoot, for the lack of entries concerning our new project. The conclusion is that we are both very busy and haven't quite nailed the storyline. I have, however, began to storyboard the sections of which HAVE been decided. Of course, the idea of a storyboard is to create a visual and not necessarily be the final shot for shot breakdown, but the storyline within the drawings is very close to what we want. 

The opening 9 shots for the animation

This is only an example of our storyboarding and will probably only cover the first 20 seconds of the song but it's something for you guys to check out for now. I am working on the next section and I know Ashley is also sketching and jotting down ideas. Soon you may get the another 20 seconds of the 6 minute+ song!